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What is Death?

  Is Death an ultimate liberation or it is a part of a cycle of birth and death? What after death? The soul survives or it decamped with body? What after mass deaths such like in pandemic, accident or  Genocide ? Death is the most mysterious topic from the evolution of human beings. Death remained mystery in Pyramids of Egypt and also it remains mystery in the stories of children speaking different languages and revealing their past lives.   To follow the mystery of death, here are coming up five different research articles and documentaries based on 1)    Death- philosophies and religions 2)    Death- science and research 3)    Death- mysteries, stories and unanswered questions 4)    Death- the final call 5)    Death- dream, reality, something, anything or nothing Coming soon- Please follow the blog Hindu Philosophy a rational Life
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Jainism – What is Reality?

    It is real as well as unreal and -          It is universal as well as particular. -          It is permanent as well as momentary. -          It is one as well as many. Reality has infinite aspects which are all relative and Reality has infinite aspects which are all relative and we can know only some of these aspects all our judgements Syadvada or Sapta Bhangi Naya is the theory of relativity of knowledge. It means dialectic of the seven steps or the theory of seven fold judgement. The word Syad, literally means probable, perhaps may be and sayadvada is sometimes translated as the theory of probability or the doctrine of may be. But it is not in the literal sense of probability that the word syad is used here. Probability, suggests scepticism and Jainism is not scepticism sometimes the word syad is translated as somehow but this too smacks of agnosticism and Jainism is not agnosticism. The word syad is used here in the sense of the relative and the correct translation of syadvad

Covid 19- We are programmed and not educated

What we learn in the past, we behave and live accordingly and the present second wave of Coronavirus pandemic in India, forced us to evaluate what we had learned in our past and how we were living.   Basically we all start the process of programming from our childhood and we live our whole life according to what we are programmed.   A three year old boy when wanted to understand the world through his senses and introspection and wanted to understand the objective and subjective world and at that time every mother asked him to sleep or else the ghost will come. And we all programmed that there is a ghost. Ghost is not something but the first step of sowing fear in a child mind and the very disaster stride to crush confidence and there is ghost and fear for every child is the first learning to them.   Unfortunately, our society is not teaching the scientific phenomena and rationality to children but superstitions and religion, senseless, rubbish fundamentals of fallacies. The program

Superstition and overwhelming religion aid second wave of Coronavirus in India

  I was amazed when one of my friend and former corporator of Ajmer Municipal Corporation told me that in a funeral of his relative, a covid death, dozens of relatives gathered despite they knew that the death was of Coronavirus. Moreover, I was shocked that they also performed a ritual of eating bread together to show that in the eyes of god now the whole community is together and with the mourning family. It is also shocking for me that in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan, people suffering from cold and fever were going to Tantrik (self proclaimed gods’ man) rather than to doctors. It was also awful that fake doctors are working in rural regions and treating covid patients while the country is struggling from the second wave of Covid very badly. The second wave of covid really hit hard and being as a journalist, I am working and reporting cases and deaths and funeral (which is really depressing) and reporting about oxygen to patients, about mismanagement of government and panic a

Jainism- how the universe is made?

  Jainism maintained that the universe is made up of two things that are matter (ajiva) and conscious energy (jiva) and both are real but relative and both are plural in nature and infinite and therefore they advocated the concept of many as the reality. The school maintain that this universe is made of two things in which the matter or the material is real as well as the energy of consciousness which is jiva or soul is also real but both are separate entities and independent realities. For Jainism these two separate and independent entities of matter and conscious energy are infinite in the universe and both have nature of negative and positive and having uniqueness. Jainism maintained that it is not possible to know the reality of both matter and conscious energy as a whole but we do possess the capability to understand some of the qualities of these two things which are matter and consciousness energy. The metaphysics of Jainism is a realistic and relativistic pluralism. This is

Bhagwat Geeta and Corporate management

Kshitiz Gaur  Kurukshetra— Arjuna Paused----- then declined to fight--- Is there glory in a victory that kills fathers, sons, teachers and students? One of the most able warriors in the land was paralysed by emotions. Lord Krishna then reminded him of the consequences to the state and of the society. Modern days, mangers face the same situation every day. A conflict between tough decisions and between the larger good or the theory of dos and don’ts when targets remained unsolved, the conflict of to be or not to be remain and effects the confidence of individual and create restlessness and the dilemma that Arjuna faced in the battle field of Kurukshetra. At present days, the Corporate are also playing fields are much like of Kurukshetra and they can be better called as Dharam Kshetra where the role of leadership is to re-establish dharma or rule and resolve the conflicts that arise between customers and suppliers, pollution and environment, manipulative politics in the organiz

For Hindus- is space independent? हिंदुओं के लिए- क्या अंतरिक्ष स्वतंत्र...