How to fight overthinking?

 Nitin Agrawal Over thinking is the mental state which can occur due to behavioral issues or some underlying mental health problems like depression, anxiety, trauma. If not worked upon, it can lead to a personality disorder which then starts interfering with our day-to-day life and affect our relationships with people. It’s a downward spiral which needs immediate attention. But the next question you’d ask is “Is it too difficult to change this habit?”. At the basic level, you can stop overthinking just by writing down pointers going through your mind, be it a situation or a person and then reflecting upon it rationally. In this article, we will be discussing about this topic in detail, so here you go.   Symptoms of over thinking There are many traits by which you can identify whether any person and even you are over thinking or not. Here are some early signs of this behaviour:   When you keep thinking (and revolving) about a problem in spite of focusing your energy on the solutio

Who were Rishis, Munis and Acharya in Hindus

It is great to be proud of your culture and heritage but it is greater to know your culture and heritage. The Hindus, in last some decades are feeling great related to their culture and heritage but they are not feeling greater by knowing their culture and heritage. In many such programs, I participated, in a hope that I will able to learn something which I do not know about Hindu culture and heritage. I usually love rationality and impressed by the rationality of Hindu philosophies. And believe me, there is no place of superstition or blindness in Hindu ancient literature. But my participation went in vein as I frustrated that what people are feeling great about their culture or heritage is all in vein because they are not talking about Hindus but about some mixed alien culture. They are confused and making others confused. The most important topic which generally common Hindus do not know but talk lot about is, is the topic of our ‘rishis and munis.’  I asked them who were rishis a

Consciousness is independent element!

  For Hindus, metaphysics moved all around Consciousness, whether it was Samkhya or Vedanta, the soul is all independent and eternal substance. The soul is the center of every philosophy of Vedic structured metaphysics. Without consciousness, there is philosophical acumen or knowledge advanced in this enriched soil of thinking.   For Samkhya, purusa is a true Consciousness, independent and eternal. For Shanker, atman is Brahman and the only reality. Even for Nyaya and Vaishihka soul or consciousness is the independent element. Almost all orthodox schools talked about the consciousness though Charvaka do not accept the traditional definition of consciousness as of soul but Charvaka too maintain that consciousness is a byproduct of body and therefore consciousness exist   But the Consciousness or soul is not like the concept of what at present Hindu religion takes for granted.   Soul is not what turn to ghost or roaming uselessly and troubling people. Consciousness is an element as l

The problem of Hindu rationality

  “ Philosophy is what, which served the human kind, is to be served and spread, but if she is not what I believe then ruin it into dust ” Socrates   Philosophical though for Hindu soil is not a new thing to juggle with, we can even say that it was Hindu where we could have traces of philosophical atmosphere – to think and to touch every perspective of life. Even at present, the world knows that the Hindu spiritual treasure, a land of yogis with a very rich cultivation of spiritual philosophy. But after so much, the land of Hindus nave no advancements, no discoveries, no inventions and not even we have any country wide reform to prove the worth for the spiritual treasurer. In a easy way, Hindu race have no new thing to advance and we only have a great satisfaction of our glorious past and no additional feather to advance , “ It result because we had neglected the materialistic aspect of Indian though and therefore we took only the existing word as unreal, ” said DP Chatopadyay i

‘We are our own enemy’

  We are our own enemy and therefore we regularly fight within our self since we are born and we fight with our self till we will die. Fighting inside with our own thoughts is a continuous process. Fighting, fighting and fighting, without knowing the reality and fighting only on assumptions, assertions, calculations which we feel fit and profitable and fighting and hurting our self regularly. There is not a single minute when we do not fight with our self and within our self.   Sorrow, anger, frustration, expectation, jealously, love, hate and such other feeling comes from our own world. God does not send these feelings in our hearts. He does not want you to jealous with your neighbor. He never wants you to keep hopes of award for helping someone. We all have our own world inside our self. We, in our inside, in our heart and in our mind forms different characters of our relatives, our friends, of our enemies and of unknowns and therefore we our self, own and own, assume what they had