Cessation of thoughts- Yoga

What is the use of   nishkama karma ? How this theory works and what actually the principle of theory of action and where it leads to individual and to society? Yes, everyone these days are talking about yoga, there are babas on televisions showing different sit-ups and how to inhale and exhale the breath nowadays, even politicians are talking about yoga and its importance, and they are practicing it to overcome the stress and tension. Yoga came from the word ‘ yog’  which means adding, adding the soul and body together in one knot, and bringing symphony in life. It can also help us to keep fit both, mentally and physically, it is good to practice such exercises but this is not Yoga. When Samkhya, who propounded the philosophy of dualism, two separate entities and two separate essence material and consciousness then how it is possible to add two different elements together with different nature. Therefore Yoga is not adding two things which are different in terms like, it is like askin

What is Hindu Tantrism ?

   They believe only in the power of nature and liberation is to overpower the rules of nature. They do not feel cold even in snowfall or hunger even after keeping fasts for long-long months. This class is fascinated by the nature of Lord Shiva who is known as a destroyer of the world in the system of Hindu religion. But scholars point out that this sect is not associated with any Hindu philosophy,   “ Tantrism is neither Buddhist nor Hindu in origin. It seems to be a religious undercurrent originally independent of any abstruse metaphysical speculation, flowing on from an obscure point of time in the religious history of India, ” Dasgupta in Obscure religious cult page 27.   He further added, “ Side by side with the commonly known theological speculations and religious practices, there has been flowing in India asimportant undercurrent of esoteric yogic practices from a pretty old time. These esoteric practices, when associated with the theological speculations of the Saivas and the S

Good or bad, voice calls you within

  “It is the inner voice that guide me for my action,” said a 7-year-old girl Sara to her friend softly but confidently. She looks all around and continued, “My mother said that we all have good and bad voices inside us and within us and therefore I daily offer prayer that my good voice should speak loud.” This is not the new thing to talk and not even children discuss such things but even grown-up talk about such moral and evil design inside us. The story of good and bad voices is a story of generations and it went like this even for generations. Whenever there is a debate on morality, the story of good and bad voices emerged in one or in other way. The theory of good and bad voices, say, that every human I shaving two powers within and these two powers are good and bad and these powers always and mostly on every issue suggest or guide to do things accordingly, and, we are the judge who decide which power is better. It is we, who decide to hear the voices of good one or bad one. I

‘We suffer every day and every time for unreality ‘

  About 2 thousand and 5 hundred years ago, Gautam Buddha discovered the Concept of suffering, cause of suffering and the golden rule to cease the suffering. For Buddhist, suffering is manifests within the conscious. Gautam Buddha after dwelling so many years found the concept of suffering in society and developed the methods to cease that suffering in lifetime. But still, after 2 thousand and 5 hundred years, the suffering prevails and people are suffering. They are not suffering but have reason or cause for suffering and they do not know how to cease this suffering. Mind it, suffering is different from pain or anguish. Present, theories suggest that suffering is the part of life and without suffering people have no life left. Suffering is there because people want to suffer. They want suffering to understand the existence of their own in their own sphere. Suffering therefore prevails as much true as the life prevails on the earth. Hindu philosophy, emphasized mostly on the conc

Philosophy versus science

  looking to the present situation of science and technology, why philosophy is still important, when science is playing a perfect role in making lives better and dealing with natural laws, providing systems, and also investigating matter and body for the betterment of society, science is day by day advancing and discovering matching the pattern of human life and on other hand, philosophy that created confusion in human minds since hundreds of years and leading to rivalries in groups, cannot be found one and perfect, like of science, whose theory of gravity is similar at all places. Then why not philosophy can be, like science, with the nature of homogeneous, perfect and similar, after all, Just and Reason have to be alike at every time, like science, that prevailed similar and constantly same in different societies at different times. Science came as a rescuer for human beings and therefore the dependence of man on science is the remarkable example. Factually, present science is t