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‘Free will’ to decide the path

As a student, learning philosophy really give solace to self and happiness that certainly living a life in accordance with the reasoning is the right path to complete the time. Certainly, one has to live and the concept of ‘free will’ exists when one has to decide the option or path to take decision. The free will to choose and the free will to make decisions and we are also free to act according to the will. And this free will is depends on our decision making quality. We decide according to our knowledge and according to our reasoning and when it went wrong, we accuse the principle of luck or to the god’s will. The higher the reasoning the better the decision taking quality and therefore reasoning plays a vital role in living a good life.Philosophy helps to open the blockages of mind and also made clearance on the concepts like religion and dogmas. Philosophy also helps to understand how great people grasp the soul of world and also helps us to remove misconceptions. Just for a mome…

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